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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our most important service to our patients is our comprehensive vision and eye health assessment. We carefully examine:

  • Eye co-ordination

  • Internal and external eye health, typically with special diagnostic drugs

  • The need for vision correction through the use of glasses, contact lenses, or laser vision correction

  • The effect of systemic diseases or medications on the eye

  • We pride ourselves on providing thorough, unhurried examinations with ample time for asking questions and discussing new advances in eye care.

Frequency of Eye Examinations

As a general guideline, children should have an initial eye exam at the age of 6 months if the parents have no concerns. Following this precursory check, the next exam should occur at 3 years and annually thereafter. Adults should be assessed every 2 years but frequently should be assessed annually if they require glasses, wear contact lenses or are at risk of developing eye disease. Seniors should be checked annually. People with ocular disease or systemic disease ( diabetes for example) or those on medications that can potentially cause ocular side effects (Prednisone for example) are often examined on an individually determined basis.

Glasses and Sunglasses

Our office carries the latest in fashion frames and sunglasses including a large selection of children's frames. We dispense only top quality frames and lenses manufactured by name brand companies with most of our products carrying a limited 2 year warranty. We have also recently updated our technologically state of the art full service in-office edging lab. This allows us to fabricate glasses onsite using our stock lens inventory with unsurpassed speed and quality. Certain prescription glasses can be ready within a day.

What sets our office apart however is the superior individualized service provided to our patients by our staff. Their goal is not only to educate concerning the most appropriate eyewear options (taking into account both patient vision needs and lifestyle needs) but to ensure your ongoing satisfaction with your purchases. We take great pride in their attention to detail.

Contact Lenses

Our office provides comprehensive contact lens assessments and fittings for all types of eyes including:

  • Daily disposables- no more cleaning and solutions and most importantly- increased ocular safety with less irritating complications

  • TToric contact lenses - to correct astigmatism

  • Multi-focal (bifocal) contact lenses - read with your contacts

  • Coloured contact lenses

  • Gas permeable lenses

Treatment of Eye Disease

We are pleased and excited to announce that after many years, our provincial government has passed legislation allowing Optometrists to now treat eye disease with Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents (eye medicines) obtained by prescription. This will no doubt enhance overall patient care by maximizing resources within the health care system and essentially means more timely intervention (one stop diagnosis and treatment) for patients suffering from a variety of eye conditions. Ocular problems or disease that cannot be managed medically will of course still be referred to an appropriate specialist. We are committed to embrace these added responsibilities in an effort to provide the highest level of service to our patients.

Laser Refractive Surgery Consultation

Our office has been providing laser co-management care for over almost 25 years. We are constantly updating our knowledge-base by attending seminars to provide you with the best possible care. Our co-management services include:

  • Educating you on the various types of laser and non-laser vision correction options

  • Determiming if you are a suitable candidate

  • Perform comprehensive pre-operative testing

  • Provide careful follow up after the laser vision and non-laser correction procedures

Choosing our practice for your post operative assessments can avoid time consuming and costly (parking) trips into Toronto and affords seamless continuing care.

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