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Contact lenses are a medical device and as such require a professional fitting and evaluation. If you are experiencing problems while wearing your lenses we recommend scheduling an appointment so that we can reassess your eyes.

Contact Lens Order Form
Patient Status

New Patient: If you are a new patient who wears contact lenses, please schedule an appointment with us so that we have the opportunity to examine your eyes and make recommendations. Please click here to schedule your appointment.

Existing Patient: If we have already fitted you with contact lenses and you would like to reorder, please fill out the following information:

Patient Details

We will consult your chart for your current prescription and order lenses for you.

Preferred Method of Contact  
Do you require:  
We will email or call you with your quote for the contacts. Once you approve the cost, we will place the order for you and the cost will be applied to your account. Payment due upon pickup. Once the order is placed it will take approximately 2 - 4 working days to come in. We will call you when they are ready.